It is now easier to search for an exact word or phrase with Google Quoted Search


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Search for an exact word or phrase with Google Quoted Search

Google upgraded its quoted searches

Google has made it easier to search by putting quotation marks around a word or phrase on its search engine. Quoted search refers to placing quotation marks around a search term and Google shows results with those exact words. Quoted search is the best in getting specific on something you are searching for on the web. Google also has a few nice improvements to its search results. That is search for an exact word or phrase with Google Search underneath a search result displaying precisely where to find a quoted term in bold text. It opens in a new tab.

Search for an exact word or phrase with Google Search

blog post on Google about the change suggests a good image illustrating how the quoted search will work in practice. As shown, the two snippets in the example both include the bolded phrase “Google Search.” Originally, Google would show you results with the quoted word or phrase, however, the small snippet may not show “exactly where the phrase appeared on a page.”

Google Software Engineer Yonghao Jin explains why that was and why it made the change:

“In the past, we did not always do this because sometimes the quoted material appears in areas of a document that do not lend themselves to creating helpful snippets. For example, a word or phrase might appear in the menu item of a page, where you would navigate to different sections of the site. Creating a snippet around sections like that might not produce an easily readable description.

We have heard feedback that people doing quoted searches value seeing where the quoted material occurs on a page, rather than an overall description of the page. Our improvement is designed to help address this.”

Although Google acknowledges that the snippet changes are neither perfect nor universal. Thus, if a quoted term appears multiple times, the snippet may or may not show results if they are apart from each other. Additionally, bolder terms will be exclusive on Google Search’s desktop. Bold text will not appear in snippets on certain search modes like images, and news, nor on mobile.

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