About LWT

About LWT

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

This site is all about every small thing that we encountered in our daily life. Sometimes the most valuable things in our life come from small things that we failed to see or recognized but however small it is, its inner life still stands tall.

Lighted Ways Technologies is a publication of all things that interest all of us which may have informative effects to other people as we traverse the infinite, timeless world of man-made technology. Foremost are news, press releases, breaking news, information & communications technology and every little thing that may come out of my wandering mind.
This site is now a full-blown blog site that lives and exists with the wonders of information and technology that for sure is becoming a part of our daily lives. From time to time, we published here the latest products and information pulled from trusted sources in the real world of Information and Communications Technology.

All products that you've seen on this site are carefully lifted from well-known online and trusted-for-decades manufacturing and retail outlets.

How do we work for you?

We source virtually all products for you! We are not directly selling anything on this site because we are exclusively affiliate marketing and a promotion firm. Everything else is handled by our trusted affiliate partners.

All our products found here are meticulously sourced from the globally recognized internet retail giants in the business. There is a wealth of cheap products alongside the more expensive ones and in both circumstances, some products are better or inferior to the other which is always the case.

All products on Lighted Ways Technologies are greatly priced/discounted based on every promotion that our trusted affiliate partners promoted on its official site for your satisfaction, still some products include FREE SHIPPING for your convenience. You do not have to pay anything on this site because all sales and payments are handled by our trusted partners. That is an additional convenience for you and most of the time you are getting the best the market has to offer in quality and value.

Orders fulfilled and supported by a solid name

We operate wholly as an affiliate site for our trusted affiliate partners. This means that you will be browsing/shopping a selection of products from a trusted retailer and your order and buying contract is with them. This further means that you are ordering/shopping with a company you can fully trust. You will further benefit from no non-sense approach and post-sales services from them.

How about us? How can we keep our heads above water and keep on running if we do not sell directly?

The simple answer is, Lighted Ways Technologies just take a small commission on each item/product you order/purchase from our trusted affiliate partners and that a small commission is not even taken from the price listed on each item/product that you order/purchase, not even for a discounted, sale and promotional item/product. Meaning our small commission is outside of the price listed on each product.

So, all you need to do is to select a product you like on our site, click the button and that will take you to our partner’s site.

So, shop now for effortless shopping that is Lighted Ways Technologies by JPA Venture Capitals!

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