Sony SRS-XG300 Midsized Boombox Speaker Review


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Sony SRS-XG300 Midsized Boombox Speaker
Sony SRS-XG300 Midsized Boombox Speaker


Sony SRS-XG300 X-Series Wireless Portable-Bluetooth Party-Speaker IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof with 25 Hour-Battery and Retractable Handle

The Design

The SRS-XG300 midsized boombox is not a ‘small” speaker’, it is medium in size acting as a more mobile alternative to Sony’s XG500 boombox. The name of the game is to pack big sounds into smaller packages. At 6.6 pounds, it is especially light for a Bluetooth speaker you will be carrying with you. Not to mention nimbler and easier to transport. Measuring approximately 13 x 6 x 5.5 inches, it can fit nicely in a backpack or a duffel bag. Or you could just take it on a trip where it could stand all alone as a carry-on personal item. Moreover, the rubberized handle at the top is retractably provided by a retracting mechanism that slides it flush with the rest of the speaker when not needed. The XG300 sits on two non-slip foot pads underneath to keep it horizontally level and from rolling over.

Furthermore, a meticulously crafted fabric virtually encloses molding the whole speaker into a tough player. The whole body of the SRS-XG300 midsized boombox is robust enough to withstand the elements with one of the highest ratings for protection from water and dust. It sports an IP67 rating, making it more than at home by the pool or the beach. The speaker can withstand splashes and get fully wet. Though it would be wise against dunking it in salt water, as sand and salt could get lodged into the perforations within. Of course, take it to the beach and have fun with it. But make sure to rinse it clean with fresh water after. Also, a point to take very seriously is that the SRS-XG300 midsized boombox is not shockproof like Sony’s other two latest Bluetooth boombox speakers, the XE300 and XE200! So, try not to drop this or roll it over to result in its untimely demise.

Controls had been suitably installed on two sides. The power, Bluetooth, and Mega Bass buttons are on one side and play/pause/call and volume on the other. On the rear side behind a protective flap is the 3.5mm Aux-In port and a USB-A port to charge other mobile devices, turning the XG300 into a power bank. Along with the USB-C charging port for the speaker, it also comes with dedicated buttons for the battery and lights.

Equally important is what is inside the speaker. Sony plays up its proprietary X-Balanced technology, moving away from its traditional circular diaphragms to something more expansive and rectangular. In this aspect, Sony says it increases the sound pressure for a thicker bass, better mids, and less distortion at higher volumes. Lastly, it gets you two X-Balanced drivers and two traditional tweeters to help with the highs to bring to completion the overall audio experience.

The App Controls and Operation

Sony SRS-XG300 Midsized Boombox Speaker
Sony SRS-XG300 Midsized Boombox Speaker 

Pairing is similarly fast with iOS devices. Google Fast Pair, Android devices will lock in with the XG300 in no time. This comes with only an extra first step of pairing in the Bluetooth menu under settings. In the system, though not abundant, is Sony’s Music Center app which is your conduit to select features and controls. You can get shortcuts to music and audio streaming services apps you have installed on your phone. Plus, access to any audio files you have stored locally on your phone.

Likewise, under settings, the sound menu allows you to adjust the profile to what you would like. Mega Bass by default is on, though you can also choose to create a custom EQ setting for yourself. This can be done by moving the bass, middle, and treble sliders to wherever you like. Since it is a standalone state, meaning you cannot save various presets, you must adjust the custom EQ each time you want to make a change.

Furthermore, the DJ Effect setting is intriguing if messing with tracks while they are playing is your cup of tea. Though it is hardly a full-on mixer, you do get isolator and flanger effects. The isolator affects one or more of the lows, mids, or highs, depending on where you go on the slider within the app. Apart from this, even if you do not know a speck of anything about DJing, you would undoubtedly appreciate the effect if you have been to a nightclub before. Additionally, the flanger doubles the sound to generate a modulating swooping effect that becomes more aggressive as you push the slider up. The effects are more about timing than anything - and more of a toy to play with while listening to tunes on the XG300 midsized boombox.

Moreover, the illumination panel segment controls the LEDs on the sides, with nine modes to choose from. Some will have a still light, still, others will shift and transform in a pattern or to the beat of the music. Another app, the Fiestable (Android/iOS), can tie into that. It is free to download and allows you to apply party-like special effects to the lights. Yet again, something worth playing around with to see if it is what you like in certain situations. Also, Party Connect lets you group compatible speakers to play music in sync. You can stereo pair two XG300s for separate left and right channels. Sony says it will work with any of its speakers that support Party Connect.

Sound Excellence

By far, the XG300 midsized boombox supports the SBC, AAC, and Sony’s own LDAC codec for hi-res content. But anyway, you may not care as much about the codecs if what you are looking for is just to entertain yourself and others with the boom inside. Yes, Sony certainly brought the bass, but obviously, the rest of the audio spectrum also stands out. With the Mega Bass off, the sound skews a little to the lows, yet when you leave it on, it is still an amazing mix that impresses clarity and resonance. However, it was also equally impressive to see how the clarity and resonance got through at different angles. Each speaker has a sweet spot, usually dead center in front of it, and that is true here as well, only that you will not feel like there is a big falloff if you veer away from it.

On the other hand, it is the level of simple clarity that you do not get competing with products like Monster Blaster 3.0. While Monster is not going to beat Sony on fidelity soon, it has more flair and elegance on the bass because of its larger size. It was a telling contrast because it could give certain trustworthiness to Sony’s claims that its non-circular diaphragm is performing something different. On the other hand, if you just want decent sound, you will undoubtedly not care how they achieve it.

As with all speakers, there are some nuances to note involving volume, there are tipping points. In the XG300 midsized boombox, vibrancy and clarity go up a notch from 50-60% and from 60-70% which are obvious changes. Though the sweetest spots are between 60-80%. At full blast, the sound is fine, but then again it is impossible to remove all distortion, which is far easier to hear the closer you are to the speaker.

Moreover, the XG300 can also be used to watch shows and movies, through the Aux-In port with a small projector. It works fine! But then you may find the overall volume level to be lower when you use it this way. Via Bluetooth on a Pixelbook Go, a slight lag is noticeable but that did not make content unwatchable.

The Battery Life

Sony states that the XG300 midsized boombox can play up to 25 hours per charge, but there is a small print impacting that number. That 25-hour mark can happen if you are playing at default volume with Mega Bass on and LED lights off. That is because of the variables involved. For instance, if the lights were just static or pulsing, the changes to volume and sound modes, it was hard to nail down the exact battery life.

Moreover, if it is necessary, you can plug in for 10 minutes and get up to 70 minutes of playback. Or you can further go into the app in the settings under Power Option and look at the options there. Stamina mode shuts off the lights and radically reduces the bass response to save power. By default, Battery Care is suppressing the charging level to 90% to preserve and extend the battery’s lifespan. Auto Standby, also on by default, shuts the speaker down if it is not doing anything for 15 minutes.


It is, therefore, easy to enjoy a speaker that plays well without necessitating a whole lot of fiddling, which is a big part of the appeal of this XG300 midsized boombox. Yes, with a price of $430 dollars (Amazon), it is not cheap per se, but it holds up against all comers in that price range. Yes, it is portable enough to carry around if you are inclined to do so, but you are getting your money’s worth.

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