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Business Data Center Modernization


Data centers are crucial resources that can help businesses obtain a competitive advantage. But how capable is your data center? Datacenter ineffectiveness can make it more difficult to cost-effectively deliver the effective application services that customers and internal users demand. As businesses grow, they frequently end up with a network sprawling of duplicated data center assets and silos that saw increases in operating costs and complications, while minimizing the reliability and availability of critical data center resources. A failure to tackle these issues will definitely result in blackouts, limiting the ability to expand data center potential and undermining business flexibility.

Business Success

Data centers operating at the highest efficiency level allocate 50% more of their IT resources to new projects. Business success in the digital economy means innovating fast, acting quickly, and changing direction in a pinch, all while using every available asset at top efficiency. Most if not all of them are chasing a path to ensure appropriate levels of IT service delivery and cost efficiency and position to business goals. IT planners and managers should continuously search for creative ways to improve service levels and drive costs down.

These days, too many organizations are integrating new technology solutions to modernize and advance their businesses. For many data centers, this means bringing forth state-of-the-art levels of availability, scalability, and flexibility, still, for others, the objective may be to provide adequate levels of services while keeping capital outlays at a minimum. Future-looking organizations are already refurbishing IT infrastructure and deploying virtualization solutions and private cloud services to enhance business flexibility and bring down expenses.

Data Center Modernization and Consolidation Key Initiative Overview | Source:  https://www.gartner.comThis initiative involves customizing data center strategies according to business plans, regulatory requirements, and skills availability.

Data Center Modernization Process

Organizations that are in the process of considering a modernization project should first perform a comprehensive Data Center Assessment. This assessment is designed to comprehensively expound project objectives and to make sure organizations choose the right approach and suitable solutions to fit their distinctive business requirements. A thoroughly successful assessment will provide the organization with all the suggested options for modernizing and integrating its IT infrastructure. This initiative necessitates customizing data center policies according to business plans, expertise availability, and regulatory requirements. Organizations should become more agile while managing costs to stay competitive. Data center modernization projects offer the opportunity to do both and help organizations support an agile operation and a mobile workforce. Gartner's research provides pertinent and all-important advice about how to plan and put into effect a modernization and consolidation project, whether it necessitates setting up and populating a new data center or resetting/reconfiguring an existing one. All these initiatives work with the Virtualization and Cloud Computing leading initiatives, adopting software-defined anything (SDx) and Web-scale IT. 

Data center modernization requires organizations to reassess their operational and administrative priorities, often the results of changing economic trends and the latest, cost-effective innovative technologies.


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