The Advanced and Complete Data Protection Suite


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Established Comprehensive Data Security Anytime, Anywhere

Data loss or theft have serious implications for any business and gaining greater control over it is a corporate-wide priority. Preventing security breaches on endpoints causes a lot of headaches, much more with the proliferation of today’s mobile technologies, and losing it entirely is a business’s worst nightmare.

It is said that around 7% of corporate laptops will be lost or might have been stolen sometime during their functional life. If it happens, sensitive data is at risk of loss, theft, and vulnerability. More often, data simply walks outright of the front door on a laptop, USB device, or other mobile device. Moreover, the rapid proliferation of mobile devices with huge storage capacities and oftentimes internet access is opening even more channels for data breaches, loss, or theft, thereby protecting sensitive, proprietary, and personally, identifiable information must be a top security priority. 

Businesses suffering from such data loss will risk profound consequences such as customer distrust, public disclosure, regulatory penalties, financial losses, and brand damage to name a few. Lost data can very well lead to costly unavailability of marketing and sales and significantly reduced customer service all the while customer services are being rebuilt and restored. The cost of data to businesses varies depending upon its application, as well as to its potential value that can be acquired from the use of the data. 

Figure 1: Causes of Data Loss (source: a survey of 50 data recovery firms across 14 countries, DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems)

Gaining greater control of data with an enterprise-grade protection solution 

Stopping data loss or theft at the endpoints starts at boosting visibility and control over data, even when that data is disguised for whatever purpose. Gaining greater control of data enables businesses to execute and implement corporate-wide security strategies in regulating and keeping within bounds how workforces use and move sensitive data through common channels, such as USB drives, IM, emails, mobile devices, and printing. It does not matter if the said data are in the office, at home, or even on the move - businesses stay in control.

McAfee Complete Data Protection Suite secures confidential data with an enterprise-grade threat protection solution that is FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria EAL2+ certified and accelerated with the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard—New Instructions (AESNI) set. It uses drive encryption integrated with strong access control through a two-factor pre-boot authentication preventing unaccredited and unauthorized access to confidential data endpoints, covering VDI workstations, desktops, laptops, USB drives, and other mobile devices.

Figure 2: McAfee Complete Data Protection Suite

An Advanced and Complete Data Protection Suite protects data from any risks emanating from theft, loss, and exposure by using a powerful combination of enterprise-grade endpoint encryption, user-deportment tracking, and access control. The suite helps in the setup and put into effect various data security policies, as follows;

● Control workforce's access, use, and transfer of sensitive data via traditional channels, like emails, IMs, printing, and USB drives. Businesses stay in total control of data security whether the users are in the office, home, or on the move.

● Control what file types and folders are to be encrypted such as laptops, tablets desktops, virtual desktop infrastructure workstations, and removable media such as CD/DVD and USB devices. 

● Safeguard data from loss or theft with a fast endpoint encryption solution that is Common Criteria EAL2+ certified and FIPS 140-2, accelerated by the Intel AES-NI (Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions).

● Increase IT reach with Intel AMT and Intel vPro based platforms for secure remote access, regardless of PC power or encrypted state.

● Avail oneself of advanced reporting and vetting capabilities to bespeak compliance swiftly and simply to internal and external auditors and other major stakeholders.

Advanced and Complete Data Protection Suite helps in identifying, resolving, and prioritizing risks to businesses quickly and easily, with real-time security management and unmatched global threat intelligence.

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