AWH Announces Product Studio to Create and Finance Digital Products

AWH's Product Studio helps to fund and create new, innovative digital products as investment for early stage products becomes less available.

Columbus, Ohio, May 28, 2020 - AWH announces Product Studio to help fund new, innovative digital products.

In these particularly challenging times of COVID-19, many companies from startups to enterprises might struggle to commence work on new products or continue to progress and evolve existing products because of a gap in funding and resources.

AWH is a product creation and data consulting firm in Dublin, OH. AWH has been creating digital products and solving data problems for clients for 25 years.

AWH started providing financing for some clients and products a few years ago because we already saw the funding landscape changing. COVID-19 is making it even harder for product funding as investors and other financing mechanisms pause to see how things play out. Meanwhile products and companies with significant potential and value will not get created and existing ones won’t evolve as needed causing them to die on the vine. COVID-19 has changed life and business for everyone and no one knows for how long and to what affect.

At AWH, we know this… innovative products are part of the recovery process and part of the global way out of this. As a result, we’re being even more intentional about our ability and work to provide financing to clients to create and progress innovative digital products. We believe now is the time to invest in product development, not regress. More than ever we stand prepared to help our clients to change the world through digital products at a point where the innovation is most needed.

Our Product Studio is the combination of world-class product creation and product financing to ensure digital products that can change the world get the chance to do so.

If you are creating a new digital product or evolving an existing one and need support in doing so, please contact us at sales@awh.net. You can learn more about AWH at http://www.awh.net.

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