LionOBytes Adds New Mobile Features to LionO360 CRM


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LionOBytes Adds New Mobile Features to LionO360 CRM that Increase Field Service, Sales Efficiency

Navigation Functionalities, Route Management, and Site Tracking Offer Big Boost to SMB Productivity

Princeton, N.J. (PRWeb) November 21, 2019 - LionOBytes, a leading IT and software solutions company, today announced the addition of new mobile features to its flagship CRM, LionO360, including navigation functionalities, route and direction management, and customer site visit history.

“Mobility is essential to field service and sales activities, especially for small to medium-sized businesses with limited resources. Effective customer relationship management and business development require a CRM that reaches beyond the walls of your company,” said Arun Upadhyay, CEO, and founder, LionOBytes. “With LionO360’s new mobile CRM features, users can better plan service calls and customer site visits, improve driving and destination routes, and automatically log location history, enabling field and sales reps to accomplish more in less time.”

LionO360’s new mobile features include navigation functionalities that provide users with a list of customer accounts related to their current location with an option to select their desired site visits. Users can view pinned customer locations on the in-app map or have the option to draw a designated area for desired site visits. Once selected, the app will highlight the best route to take based on distance, traffic, and other calculations. The user can also create a custom route.

With these new features, users can also add a destination address as the last site visit, which will automatically adjust the route based on that address to make the overall route more efficient and travel-friendly. Users can specify the radius of their home or office location and the app will provide the customer accounts within that radius. All routing and customer site visits are then tracked and saved within the mobile app for future reference.

LionO360 is the first and only cloud and mobile-based CRM and ERP solution on the market designed for SMBs that includes sales automation, warehouse management, customer service management, field representative management, and route management all in one platform. LionO360 helps SMBs grow their business by converting more sales leads, providing better support for their inside and outside sales teams, and enabling comprehensive inventory management.

Recently, LionO360 integrated with email marketing solutions, Constant Contact and Mailchimp, as well as an accounting software solution, QuickBooks. For more information about LionOBytes or LionO360, visit http://www.lionO360.com.

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LionOBytes is a mid-sized software development company that offers various proven, secure and high-performance IT solutions, including CRMs, e-commerce, and mobile applications. The company provides these solutions organizations in finance, telecom, insurance, medical and other industry verticals. Follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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