Mediafolio Technologies Announces General Availability of SingleStep Intelligent Training Platform


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SingleStep leverages digital context to deliver a just-in-time training experience
Mediafolio Technologies

Seattle, June 15, 2018 - (PRWeb)The SingleStep intelligent training platform was released for general availability this week by Mediafolio Technologies, a Seattle-based firm specializing in display control software and mobile platform development.

SingleStep uses context to deliver timely, instructional content to first-line workers – enabling them to provide more consistent, on-brand services while spending less time learning directly from supervisors.

For hospitality: intelligent training, just in time

The company is currently focused on bringing its solution to the hospitality industry, where first-line workers are required to carry out detailed multi-step tasks repeatedly and consistently. “I’ve worked in hospitality for a number of years and have observed both the need for more effective training and the growing use of more sophisticated technology,” says Matt Kowalczyk, President of Mediafolio Technologies. “SingleStep integrates with the existing infrastructure to identify where workers are and what they need to do next – so its platform can deliver bite-sized instruction for each task as it is being completed. This micro training experience is more effective, less costly, and ultimately leads to guest services that are more consistently on-brand.”

Integration partners are key to creating a robust platform

SingleStep has formed integration partnerships with established hospitality technology providers including ALICE, Assa Abloy, Nytec, Oracle, Volara, and others. “The information provided by the Volara platform helps SingleStep calculate what task an employee is about to perform, and the training associated with that task. It’s exciting to see how our integration can be leveraged for a valuable new purpose,” says David Berger, CEO at Volara. “Combining a task list with contextual data for just-in-time content delivery is a powerful way to give instruction exactly when it’s needed,” says Justin Effron, CEO at ALICE. “Our partnership with SingleStep will provide an effective way to put relevant guidance in the palms of employees’ hands.”

Learn more about SingleStep

Visit SingleStep.com for additional information or contact SingleStep directly at 1-833-SGL-STEP / info@singlestep.com to schedule a free live demo.

About Mediafolio Technologies

Mediafolio Technologies, Inc was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2013. The company’s robust internet platform has been used to build display control software for stadiums, 911 dispatch centers, corporate theaters, and most recently for its flagship platform, SingleStep, which is in use by hotels worldwide.

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