BlackBerry announces new updates to BES cloud with more BBM enhancements


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BlackBerry has been continuously developing and upgrading its niche in mobile devices to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The update to BES12 Cloud expands across multi-OS capabilities allowing secure and efficient management mobility including enhances to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for devices running on Android™ (including Android™ for Work and Samsung KNOX™), Windows Phone® and BlackBerry® devices. The updates enable employees the choice of bringing their own devices and at the same time keeping organization confidential data secure.

As one of the pioneers in mobile employee empowerment, BlackBerry’s BES12 provides “an attribute-driven, endpoint-permissions model that lets you manage devices, apps, and data, by-person or by-group, from a single console and in any ownership model, from BYOD (bring your own device), to COPE (corporate-owned, corporate-liable, personally enabled) and COBO (corporate-owned business only).”

The BES12 updates also introduce supports for Samsung KNOX Workspace, Android for Work, BlackBerry® Secure Connect Plus for KNOX Workspace and Android for Work (on-premise deployment only), and Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). BES12 is at the core of your Enterprise Mobility Ecosystem.

BES12 is available from purchase to service availability in minutes. Pricing is available through the BlackBerry store.

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