Client Virtualization: Is No Longer a Case of Storage Guessing Game


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Typical Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VirtualDesktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers organizations a more seamless, continuous user experience and excellent data security. Figuring out a complete virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is still a challenge even for seasoned IT veterans and it’s more formidable a task picking the right solution for a virtual desktop environment. With so many options available, choosing one in terms of server parameters and storage infrastructure, hypervisor (or virtual machine monitor (VMM)) and connection broker software and virtually ZERO client endpoints is a daunting task! While many people can tell at once whether they are getting a good deal on certain things, it’s quite different in figuring out a complete VDI.

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VDI is a computing environment that adds a layer of virtualization between different layers of a desktop PC and servers. Allowing users ‘to centrally manage to disperse user devices.’ This infrastructure facilitates the deployment of personalized computing devices as managed services which includes desktop, operating system, applications, and data. Oftentimes organizations over-spent or even under-configure on VDIs as their user base multiplies or new product lines require supplementary resources. Luckily, organizations are fortunate enough to have Dell, VMware, and Intel® designed several end-to-end solutions that take the guesswork out of client virtualization. These are several methodologies that have been cautiously planned to ensure that a solution is right for an organization. It references architectures into hyper-converged infrastructure appliance solutions allowing the right-size client-based virtualization environments. 

With virtual desktop infrastructure, the end-user proficiency remains recognizable since their desktop looks just like their desktop and their thin client machine perform just like their own desktop computer resulting in increased end-user satisfaction approval because they’ve got better control over the applications and settings that their job requires. In effect, VDI realistically brings down the threats inherent in all aspects of the ‘user’s environment’, because it hosts the desktop image in the data center, thus keeping the organization’s sensitive data safe in the corporate data center, not on the end-user’s device which will eventually be lost, stolen, or destroyed. 

Benefits of using VDI architecture

VMware ThinApp

VMware ThinApp Application Virtualization Made Simple

Building VDI architecture requires core components such as VMwarevSphere, VMware ThinApp, VMware View Manager, and a centralized storage system to store data resulting in some benefits in using them as follows;

           • Threats on security - Desktops are more secured and protected since data is kept at a secure central location.

           • Rollback images - Allowing rollback images with a click of a button with VMware’s Snapchat technology.

           • Speedy deployment - Can quickly clone existing machines and roll out new systems since appliances are all located in a single central storage area.

           • Centralized applications - This makes upgrades and deployment easier to implement because the systems are all located in a centralized locale.

           • Provides reliability of a full desktop PC – provides full access to a virtual desktop wherein each virtual desktop is mapped to a single user or a single client device. It also enables admins to quickly fix any PC OS into an operational state that is free from viruses or any form of exploitation.

           • Desktop on-demand resources – Delivers fast deployment allowing admins to deploy and power on thousands of desktops on-demands and power off-demands.

           • End-user satisfaction and experience – Delivers high-performance desktop experience and satisfaction approval over high latency low bandwidth connections provided by the latest advancement in compression technologies such as PcoIP. Furthermore, because of the client’s local mode settings, it allows users to check out desktops and use them offline as it pleases them, regardless of network availability.


VDI provides superior security, seamless user proficiency, and superior data protection as it becomes evident that IT professionals want to utilize new and powerful devices to become more productive and at the same time flexible in their work and with the ability to work anywhere.



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