Shibumi Launches New Mobile App to Make Strategic Management Accessible On-the-Go


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Shibumi Launches New Mobile App to Make Strategic Management Accessible On-the-Go
Photo Source: Shibumi

App Features Mobile-Optimized Layouts and Streamlined Navigation to Keep Users Connected to Strategic Initiatives in Real-Time From Anywhere 

Shibumi Launches New Mobile App to Make Strategic Management Accessible On-the-Go originally appeared on Shibumi

Norwalk, Conn., January 17, 2023 - Shibumi, a leading provider of strategicportfolio management software for enterprise customers, today announced the release of the Shibumi Mobile App, available for iOS and Android devices. With this launch, Shibumi is improving how clients manage their strategic initiatives, programs and portfolios, making it possible to set goals, track progress, analyze results, and optimize performance from anywhere. 

The Shibumi Mobile App features mobile-optimized layouts, one-touch navigation, alerts, and the ability to easily switch between environments and enterprises to provide an intuitive, seamless experience for users. Mobile users will continue to benefit from Shibumi’s platform-wide synchronized data, initiative tracking, workflow management, and integrated analyses across desktop and mobile instances.

“With the introduction of the Shibumi Mobile App, we’re making it easier for everyone – from executive decision makers to program administrators to initiative team members – to enter and review information without being at their desks,” said Kim Lewis, Chief Delivery Officer at Shibumi. “The Shibumi Mobile App untethers users and allows them to continue to progress the important milestones of their programs while on-the-go. We’re excited to bring this enhanced capability to our clients and partners.”

Shibumi App Admins will now be able to configure their solutions to be mobile-ready, optimizing the user experience for the mobile app. For example, rather than showing a desktop version of a table with many horizontal columns, the Shibumi Mobile App lets admins configure a mobile-specific view that displays only a few columns. For existing solutions, when using Shibumi’s Mobile App, views will dynamically adjust to a mobile-friendly format by vertically stacking all existing content.

In an increasingly distributed and hybrid business environment, the ability to stay connected to strategic investments from anywhere at any time is critical. With this launch, Shibumi is proud to help its customers support new ways of working while deriving more value from the Shibumi platform. 

The Shibumi Mobile app is available for download today from the AppStore or GooglePlay.


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