Merlin AI, the Evolution of ChatGPT is Now a Freestanding Mobile App


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Merlin AI, the Evolution of ChatGPT is Now a Freestanding Mobile App

Dogtown Media has released Merlin AI on the iTunes and GooglePlay App Stores. Merlin AI is an advanced chatbot powered by ChatGTP. Utilizing Natural language processing, knowledge graphs, conversational AI, and machine learning (ML) technologies, Merlin AI is able to understand complex inquiries and provide detailed answers on a level of human intelligence never before seen. Accessible via both iPhone and Android devices, users can reap the benefits of this cutting-edge technology with the peace of mind that they're always talking to a chatbot that understands them.

Merlin Ai, The Evolution ofChatgpt Is Now a Freestanding Mobile App Originally Appeared on PRWeb

Dogtown Media is excited to announce the release of Merlin AI, an advanced artificial intelligence chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGTP. For those who do not have time to scroll through endless documents or skim through webpages, the Merlin AI assistant chatbot can quickly narrow down your search results and help you find what you’re looking for. Whereas Google searches provide users with a page of search results located on 3rd party websites, Merlin reinvents search queries through simple conversational prompts. Merlin’s stated goal is to replace the need for Google Search by providing robust AI generated answers to search queries in one place.

OpenAI has been working on advanced artificial intelligence models since its inception in 2015. The company has received upwards of $1bn in funding from Elon Musk, Microsoft, Marc Benioff and other leading tech figures. Recently, they released an updated version of an artificial intelligence model that facilitates natural conversation between the model and user to answer questions, known as ChatGTP.

According to Marc Fischer, CEO of Dogtown Media, a leading mobile app developer, “Until now, no native mobile app for OpenAI’s ChatGPT has existed. Merlin AI, powered by ChatGPT, has the capability to disrupt the global economic order in record time, changing how we interface with each other in business and our personal lives. People across the globe can now download the most pivotal natural language ChatBot App ever made and jump into the AI conversation.”

Moreover, its ability to craft documents as well as respond to decisions allows it to be applicable in many different fields, tasks, and scenarios. Businesses now have the option of implementing hybrid work structures, acting as a bridge between human output and AI capabilities. As this technology progresses further, there's a wealth of potential yet to uncover. Mobile application chatbot and AI assistant technology offers users a personalized experience. With custom-built messages and automated responses, users can interact with the app in an intuitive way, enabling them to quickly access the information they need in a comfortable environment.

With its recent launch on both iOS and Android platforms, more users now have access to this highly capable technology–able to engage in natural dialogue, understand requests, and even interpret emotional intent. With this ground breaking technology now available to the public, anyone can have access to an intelligent chatbot that can handle any question they may have about products, tasks, or services–from where to buy something online, to how installation works for a product they just purchased.

Dogtown Media is an American mobile technology studio that leverages disruptive design strategies and dynamic development to deliver industry-leading mobile applications. To date, Dogtown Media has created over 250 mobile apps in industries including Healthcare, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence app development.

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