MegaCryption 6.5.0: Optimized Compression and Authentication Features added to z/OS Cryptographic Toolkit


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Naples, FL – Advanced Software Products Group (ASPG, Inc.) is pleased to announce the latest release of MegaCryption 6.5.0. Specifically designed for z/OS environments, MegaCryption is a comprehensive enterprise and mainframe cryptography toolkit providing organizations with encryption, decryption, compression, and file management capabilities.

Enhancements to MegaCryption’s compression features have been further developed through a zEDC (zEnterprise Data Compression) feature which can now be utilized by the OpenPGP and Zip/Unzip utilities, providing accelerated compression capabilities on z/OS systems and reducing organization processing times. A newly added Enhanced Compression Mode (ECM) feature also provides users with optimized file compression.

An AES-GCM utility has been added, considered one of the most secure ciphers, providing MegaCryption users with an additional form of authenticated encryption and data integrity to their daily security operations.

The addition of IMS cryptography provides IMS users with robust cryptography that will appropriately protect mainframe database services containing classified or sensitive information. MegaCryption’s capabilities satisfy both industry and federal data security compliance policies.

In-keeping with ASPG’s proactive approach to regular product developments, general performance enhancements have also been made to the MegaCryption tool providing a seamless end-user experience.

As cybersecurity threats continue to rise, MegaCryption provides an affordable and effective solution for users looking to take a proactive approach to data security. Complementary products within the MegaCryption range are also available for IDMS, DB2, Unix and Linux, and Windows environments. With a wide range of tools, MegaCryption is well suited to satisfy a wide variety of environments.

Interested parties can learn more at www.aspg.com/megacryption. Free trials of the software are also available as well as introductory webinars. The ASPG Technical Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information, call the ASPG Sales team at 800-662-6090 (toll-free) or 239-649-1548 (US/International) or email at aspgsales@aspg.com


ASPG is an industry-leading software development company with IBM, Microsoft, and GSA certifications. For nearly 30 years, they have been producing award-winning software for data centers and mainframes, specializing in data security, storage administration, and system productivity, providing solutions for a majority of the global 1000 data centers.

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