HashCash’s Post-COVID Lock Down Solutions to Create Agile Remote Work Ecosystems for Enterprises


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Palo Alto, Calif., June 06, 2020 - After creating a scalable in-house remote working architecture to continue processes, during the lockdown period, HashCash Consultants is now helping enterprises with the same.

The USA based company is offering services to reform existing work processes of respective businesses through augmented digital solutions making it remote compatible to cope with social distancing and other COVID-norms.

“A global shift in work-culture has been the most interesting and landmark aftermaths of COVID-19. Remote working has evolved as the survival strategy for businesses to thrive in this pandemic induced economic downturn. It is safe to say that, it is the futuristic work-culture or work layout that is both beneficial to the management and the employees”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

He added, “HashCash was fully functional throughout the lockdown, without a single day of closed operations, due to scalable digital solutions that we leveraged to enable the team to provide the clients with uninterrupted service. Now, we want to aid others with the same. It is time to reimagine and make necessary changes to meet the demands of the post-pandemic world, ensure the wellbeing of the employees, both health-wise and economically.”

The COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown that followed has brought forced the world to rethink their ‘normal’ strategies into building ones that are scalable enough to fit in any situation, so that continuity can be maintained. It’s a new reality and the rules and systems need to be modified.
The over-night shift of workspace from corporate buildings to living rooms was a hard adjustment initially. However, with time, businesses have experienced the benefits of the flexibility offered by remote working. The realization has influenced most organizations to reform their operational architecture and give serious thought to give more permanency to remote work culture.

Rising to the occasion, HashCash is offering specialized solutions to enterprises to create a robust ecosystem through advanced digitization. Leveraging multiple virtual communication tools HashCash ensures seamless communication between the employees and the management. Smart office solutions include:

1. Deployment of the customized agile team communication platform, equipped with several integrations like file sharing, chat options that allow employees to communicate in groups or one-to-one.

2. Offering scalable virtual communication applications with integrated tools for enhanced connectivity that guarantees zero disruptions.

3. Interactive interface with augmented project management features.

4. Integrated HR solutions to conduct interviews, disperse offer letters, complete online initiation of the new employees, and the complete onboarding process with efficiency.

All cutting-edge solutions provided by HashCash to enable remote working is powered by augmented security protocols to uphold the privacy of communication between employees and management.

HashCash is a global software company. HashCash Blockchain products enable enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time for Remittances, Trade Finance, Payment Processing, and more. HashCash runs US-based digital asset exchange, PayBito & digital asset payment processor, BillBitcoins. HashCash offers exchange and payment processor software solutions, ICO Services, and customized use cases. HashCash propels advancement in technology through Blockchain1o1 programs and its investment arm, Satoshi Angels. HashCash offers solutions in AI, Big Data and IoT through its platforms, products & services. HashCash solves the toughest challenges by executing innovative digital transformation strategies for clients around the world.

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