ORYX FF40059T Fender Flares Textured Black Pocket Rivet Style Fits GMC Sierra 1500


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Fender Flares Gmc Sierra 1500

ORYX FF40059T Fender Flares Textured Black Pocket Rivet Style Fits GMC Sierra 1500 - Get it on Amazon

Product Overview:
ORYX AUTO FF40059T fender flares gmc sierra 1500 comes in a wide range of vehicle make and models. The tough and durable fender flares are constructed of impact resistance ABS material using the vacuum thermoforming technique resulting in a perfect finish and fit. The ORYX AUTO fender flares are UV resistant material prevents fading and cracking keeping the flares look great even after years of exposing to all weather conditions. These fender flares come in a textured black finish that will speak for your attitude plus the accompanying hardware is made of stainless steel and is rust free.

Product Features:
» Better protection - The extra wide fender flares provides improved protection for the sides of your vehicle.
» Riding with style - Add some extra tough-looking, bold-style muscle to your truck with these tough Pocket Style Fender Flares for 2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 Fleetside Bed 69.3 in.
» Rust free and attractive hardware – The fender flares comes with high-grade stainless steel rust free hardware that adds a punch to the overall appearance.
» Warranty - A limited lifetime warranty is provided.

» No Fuss, No Drill Installation - DIY fender flares, installation difficulty - Each set is customized to the make and model year of your vehicle to match the factory attachment locations.
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