Lighted Ways Technologies: About the Author

About the Author

An Electronics & Communications Engineer with a Master in Business Administration, has been blogging and writing articles for web sites on topics in the field of information & technology, home furniture, health, business, electronics and shopping.

The author is engaged in businesses related to Non-voice BPO Outsourcing, Web Designs, Advertising, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Web Contents  Management & Development, E-commerce Retailing and Apps Programming. We are specializing in non-voice BPO solutions, ranging from web-based customer support to sales support functions like content moderation and developments. 

The author's also has business interests in furniture designing, manufacturing, trading  and exporting, where 90% of its production is exported to the US, Europe and the Middle East and the remaining 10% is focused locally, notably its kitchen designs. Most of the designs are Classic to Modern Contemporary incorporating mixed-media materials such as indigenous materials, wrought iron/metals, wood/wood base, environmentally friendly weaving materials, stones, leather/process leather and rattan.

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