The ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth

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ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo with Dual Bluetooth - Standard A6Y2710SB 1G/16G Car Entertainment Multimedia Radio, Wi-Fi/BT Tethering Internet, Support 256G SD


The Product

The ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo was developed from the generally used and stable Android Marshmallow OS.  It is profoundly customized and optimized to let it perform better in vehicles. A lot of vehicle-based features such as FM/AM Radio, AUX/Backup camera input, Bluetooth, and Steering wheel key control (no DVD/CD Player). The factory Steering Wheel key Control (shorted for SWC, based on resistive signal input only) can still be retained. Additionally, Wi-Fi reception and built-in microphones have been significantly improved resulting in drivers not have to yell to talk with the other one.

Furthermore, the dual Bluetooth not only work as BT call /A2DP playback, but it also connects to a phone's BT tethering internet and connects to BT gamepad/mouse/OBD. Google Maps is also pre-installed, and users can download offline map data for navigation without the internet. It also featured an unlimited Micro USB Drive/ Micro SD storage supported (256GB micro SD and 1TB SSD drive have been confirmed OK). Also, ATOTO A6 has a Quick Booting feature; Start the car and access the system within 2 seconds. And lastly, a continuous firmware update for ATOTO A6 is also available (latest firmware version ATOTO AICE OS 9.6). Get continuous firmware update when available to ensure fewer bugs and new features added.

From the Manufacturer

  • Product Version: A6Y Standard Version with the horizontal physical operation buttons (6 buttons available)
  • Model Name: A6Y2710SB (1GB/16GB)
  • SoC Chip: MTK 8127A Soc-based Quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU with ARM Mali-450 MP4 GPU.
  • System Version: ATOTO AICE OS 9.x (the latest version AICE OS 9.6 was released on Nov 7, 2019), which is developed & customized based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • System Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese.
  • Pre-Amplifier: Built-in Max 4*45W Amplifier with RMS 4*24W (Vcc=14.4v, THD=10%); Be aware that only emphasizing higher max power out does not make any sense, as RMS power out is the most acceptable and practical indicator to tell its max performance for excellent daily listening! Preset 9-band EQ with 12 section adjustable frequency
  • Bluetooth: Dual Bluetooth (BT1 4.2 & BT2 4.0), and the first Bluetooth supports HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP/PBAP
  • Radio tuner: Built-in FM/AM Radio Tuner w/ RDS (station name displayed if available);
  • Display: Full HD 7" 1024*600 5-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen with 400cd/m2 or 600cd/m2 (A6 Standard uses 400cd/m2, A6 Premium uses 600cd/m2); Most Android car stereo products on the market use 350cd/m2 screen
  • GPS/Navigation: Built-in GPS Receiver module with an external GPS antenna and Google Maps app is installed as the default GPS map, users may need to download an offline map data for a certain area for offline navigation if preferred. Other maps/navigation apps from Google Play Store can also be installed
  • Phone Mirroring/Casting: Easy-connect app preinstalled, and it supports working with the latest iOS & Android devices (system firmware update maybe required). 2 options (USB /Wi-Fi) available for connecting to Android smartphone, and 1 option (Airplay) for iOS devices.
  • Wi-Fi/Microphone: All ATOTO A6 series have a built-in microphone & Ultra external Wi-Fi antenna (Silver-plated copper wire). For the ATOTO A6 Premium version, an external microphone is also provided! All ATOTO A6 series use the latest built-in MEMS microphone so that the phone call quality can match up with some factory car microphones!

Inputs, Outputs & Slots

  • Reversing camera input
  • AUX Audio/Video input
  • 4-CH RCA Audio Out (2v) for connecting to factory/aftermarket amplifier
  • Separate Sub-woof Out (0.8v) (Manual /Automatic mode available);
  • One Micro SD slot - to store media files, dash DVR records
  • 3 USB interfaces - Read USB Drive and optional USB devices.
  • Both USB interfaces and Micro SD slot can read unlimited external storage devices, including SSD Hard drive, as long as it can be powered on with a USB 500mA interface!

Vehicle Fit:

  • The double din size of the ATOTO A6 series provides 5 types of the front panel size as an option: 173mm*97mm, 205mm*104mm(Select Toyota specific),7in select VW specific, and Ultra 10.1inch, and their model name start as A6Y27xxxx, A6YTY7xxx, A6YVW7xxx, and A6Y1021xxx.
  • Most dashboard mounting frame suppliers from North America may provide a double din mounting frame with 174mm*98mm opening (Metra dash kit, PAC dash kit, etc.). ATOTO is the first one to bring an Android 7in car stereo with a minimum 174mm*97mm front panel dimension! An extra plastic frame is also included in the package to extend its size to 178mm*101.5mm


  • All ATOTO A6 models do not provide a headrest video output option. ATOTO A6 Standard version does not include an external microphone in the package. A built-in microphone is good enough for Bluetooth hands-free in daily use.
  • Optional parts for working with ATOTO A6 are provided separately: 1. ATOTO AC-44P1 720P On-dash DVR Camera (USB connection, recorded by A6) or AC-44P2 1080P On-dash DVR Camera (USB connection, recorded by AC-44P2 itself); 2. ATOTO AC-44F5 Steering wheel control IR Remote; 3. ATOTO AC-4450 Bluetooth OBD2 tool; 4. ATOTO AC-4486 Rearview Camera or ATOTO AC-SC3601 Single-Camera-Based Surround View Rearview Parking System; 5. ATOTO AC-UTP1 USB TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system); and some of them require to be connected before installing A6. So, to avoid removing and re-installing hassles, (if you need them), purchasing & installing them with A6 together is highly recommended; All ATOTO optional accessories/parts can be found here: amazon.com/atoto;
  • Users can download & install the "Hound" app from Google Play Store to use voice dialing feature on ATOTO A6 for safer driving. Currently, ONLY ATOTO A6 supports the voice dialing feature. Visit detailed information: support.myatoto.com/uploadfile/other/New-software-found-for-voice-dialing-via-ATOTO-A6-while-driving.pdf
  • Please do not try to root ATOTO A6 even if you are an Android developer, as it has been deeply customized and your experience with rooting/making changes to an android tablet/smartphone is not applicable here and will damage the A6 system! Moreover, it is not covered by manufacturer's warranty
  • Newer system firmware (ATOTO AICE OS 9.6) for A6 Series is now available (Released on Nov 7, 2019). Two new unique features were added: 1). wake up phone's voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant) via Bluetooth connection; 2). Use Phone Bluetooth to automatically unlock A6 screen once it is connected to ATOTO A6; Owners of ATOTO A6 models can log in ATOTO Online Customer Support System (support.myatoto.com/show-29-23-1.html) to get update instructions;

Wi-Fi hotspot & Bluetooth Tethering Internet via phone data - Install Apps, Stream Online Music, Run Online Map Navigation with/ Real-time Traffic!

  • More than 300 apps from Google Play Store have been tested installable on ATOTO A6 Series, especially media/entertainment apps and apps in the category of "Auto & Vehicles". However, very few apps that are specified only working on the phone or registered tablet will not be installable (such as Android Auto, Netflix).
  • Thanks to Ultra external Wi-Fi antenna (Silver plated copper wire) included in the package, WiFi reception has been significantly improved so now Google voice can work smoothly and the reception of ATOTO Wi-Fi can be comparable to some smartphones!
  • Most users need to run online maps or stream music online on Android car stereo and these requirements do not need high bandwidth (less than100kb/s), Bluetooth tethering connection is enough. The records we tested with iPhone 7 Plus via Bluetooth connection are up to 180kb/s!
  • Wi-Fi hot spot option from a smartphone has much higher power consumption than Bluetooth tethering option. Phone battery will last much longer via Bluetooth tethering connection

Dual Bluetooth chips inside allow ATOTO A6 to connect to more Bluetooth-based devices

  • The Bluetooth 1 works as Bluetooth hands-free (call/answer) with A2DP streaming audio feature. Contacts/recent records will be synchronized once the smartphone is connected. All the contacts can be searched by manually typing or A-Z filtering and users can add certain contacts to the "Favor" list for quick dialing!
  • Media ID3 info (song name, singer and album) will also be synchronized when using Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming, and dynamic sound spectrum display when music is playing. Also, phone signal strength/battery power can be displayed on A6's notification bar!
  • Easy & fast Bluetooth connection (within 2-3 seconds)
  • The Bluetooth 2 (BT2) not only works as BT tethering internet but also allows to connect to BT gamepad (for kids in rear seats), BT OBD2, BT TPMS, and transferring files between A6 and smartphones is also supported! Now the A6 can work with most of the BT OBD2 devices and other Bluetooth enabled devices that are available on the market, as long as they are compatible with a smartphone's Bluetooth!
  • The system allows connecting to 3 devices simultaneously (one for audio, two for data communication).
  • Now, you can update the A6 system firmware to AICE OS 9.6 to let it wake up your phone's voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant) via Bluetooth connection. So, users can use a specific button on the screen or steering wheel, or ATOTO AC-44F5 wireless remote to send messages, make calls, and control music with your voice. Much safer, much convenient
Product Details

Package Dimensions
10.2 x 9 x 6.2 inches
Item Weight
3.8 pounds
Shipping Weight
3.8 pounds
Item model number
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