PARROT FPV Drone "Disco FPV Set" PF750071
PARROT FPV Drone "Disco FPV Set" PF750071
PARROT FPV Drone "Disco FPV Set" PF750071- BUY ON AMAZON

Product Features:

The flight speed of Parrot's Disco FPV drone with a streamlined fixed wing structure reaches a maximum speed of 80.5 km / h. Piloting Parrot Disco is easy with Skycontroller 2. Look at the world from the sky while immersing in a realistic flight experience with a new FPV headset. With the Parrot Cockpit glasses, you can experience as if you are on a drone cockpit. Just connect to the FreeFlight Pro application on the iPhone or iPad, and the image appears in Cockpit glasses. The Parrot Disco's full HD 1080p camera shoots spectacularly beautiful images and can feel as if they are flying in the sky. At your fingertips, as you wish. Use the lightweight and compact Parrot Skycontroller 2 to freely control Parrot Disco with two joysticks of Skycontroller 2 realize extremely precise maneuvering. Even if you leave far away, you can return home safely at any time by using the return home function.

Flying easily with Skycontroller 2 with about 45 minutes flying time. Furthermore, it comes with 1080p built-in front nose camera equipped with 3-axis digital stabilization technology and 32GB internal memory.  The auxiliary control and stall prevention Auto-pilot function makes maneuvering easier, maintain altitude and flight path even after you release your controller's joystick. It is also possible to see video streaming while flying in Parrot Cockpit glasses. Flight telemetry and radar are displayed on the screen and wearing Parrot Cockpit glasses is comfortable enough even when wearing glasses.

You can enjoy extensive flight which is expanded up to 2 km at Parrot Skycontroller 2. Customize the 8 shortcut buttons and the 2 joysticks installed in Parrot Skycontroller 2 to your liking. Skycontroller 2 drives for up to 4 hours with one charge.

Product Details:

● Connection:                       Wireless
● Built-in GPS:                      GPS + GLONASS / Ultrasonic / altimeter / optical flow camera / airspeed sensor (Pitot tube) mounted
● Power supply:       Battery power supply
● Battery:                   rechargeable lithium ion  
● Battery life:                        about 45 minutes
● Charging time:      about 55 minutes
● Height (about):      Disco drone: 58 cm / Skycontroller 2: 11 cm
● Length (about):     Disco drone: 115 cm / Skycontroller 2: 20 cm
● Width (about):       Disco drone: 12 cm / Skycontroller 2: 18 cm
● Weight (about):     Disco drone: 750 g / Skycontroller 2: 500 g
● Supplied items: Parrot Disco FPV Drone /battery/ Charger and three plug / USB cable / Parrot Cockpitglasses / Parrot Skycontroller 2 / Disco charging cable / Skycontroller 2 charging cable / Holder for iPhone / iPad /Two propellers, two screws /User Guide
● Multilingual User Guide Download Site URL (Japanese Display): https://www.parrot.com/jp/support/product/parrot-disco

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