Google's new Wifi router is a smart speaker

Google's new Wifi router is a smart speaker is originally published at The Verge by hotography by Vjeran Pavic
Google and Nest have announced two new products. The Nest Wifi is a new mesh router system that includes "points" which are mini smart speakers in addition to building out your Wi-Fi network. Plus, there's the Nest Mini, an updated version of the Google Home Mini.

The new Nest Wifi from Google does the thing that everybody has been asking for since we first laid eyes on smart speakers: combine them with mesh Wi-Fi routers. The Nest Wifi will be available this November in the US at various price points, but the pack Google will want you to buy includes one main router and one “Point” that also acts as a smart speaker for $269.
Both devices are bulbous little cylinders. The router is slightly larger than the Points and only comes in white, while the slightly smaller Points come in three colors: snow, mist, and sand. They are made of a matte plastic and are about as close to characterless as a Wi-Fi router could possibly get. Each Point is about the size and shape of one of those scented candle jars, I suppose, which is fitting as the first Google Home was teased for looking like an air freshener.

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